Ania Vouloudi is a Civil Engineer. Born in 1987, she currently lives in Thessaloniki Greece.

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How to run away from Wuppertal, 2017, personal zine published by Void, limited edition of 64
My place, No place, 2017, zine curated by Lensculture & Void
Found & Lost, 2017, zine published by Void and Float Gallery, limited edition of 70 
Geduld is eine Kartoffel, 2016, personal zine published by void, limited edition of 20
0-100 editions, 2016, Issue 77 
La Monnaie / De Munt, 2015, To be sung (booklet) / Pascal Dusapin  
97% Michalis Siganidis, 2014, Cd & LP artwork
Radiate magazine, 2013, Issue 4 

MedPhoto Festival, Critical Archives III: Identities, 2018, at Museum of Contamporary Art, Crete (group)
My place, No place, 2017, exhibition curated by Lensculture & Void  (group)
Found & Lost, 2017 at Float Gallery, Athens (group)
About a Secret, 2014 at Ariadne Photography Gallery (group)
Civitas Rethymnae, 2012 at Artillery building, Fortezza Rethymnon, Crete (group with C. Kydonakis & L.Vasilikos)
Civitas Rethymnae, 2012 at Charoupomylos, Panormos, Crete

Dr. Karanka's Print Stravaganza, 2012 at AV Art Gallerie, Torino Italy, (group)
Streetography, 2011 at Giali Tzamisi, Chania, Crete (group)
On the Road, 2011 at Hatziyanio Cultural Center, Larissa, Greece (SOLO)
On the Road, 2011 at Photography & Film Museum, Karditsa, Greece (SOLO)

Φull frame festivaΛ ,2013 at Central Hall of Architecture School (French School, Chalepa), Chania, Crete